Intern at NUP

Northwestern University Press is a nonprofit publisher of approximately sixty titles per year, including philosophy, literature in translation, Slavic studies, literary criticism, poetry, fiction, biography, Chicago history and culture, and theater.

If you are a Northwestern University undergraduate student who is work-study eligible, please find our available postings at the work study job site.

We offer unpaid summer internships for undergraduate students. To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to Anne Gendler, Managing Editor. Indicate your preference for which track you are interested in (Acquisitions/Sales and Marketing or EDP; more details, below) in your cover letter. If you have no preference, you will be considered for both.  Applications from students outside of Northwestern University are accepted. Applications are due by March 31.

For inquiries regarding the graduate assistantship and other postgraduate opportunities, please contact

To explore opportunities for obtaining course credit, please visit the Chicago Field Studies Internship Program website.

We are pleased to offer two main internship tracks for undergraduates: Acquisitions/Sales and Marketing; and Editorial, Design, and Production (EDP). Interns are assigned a range of entry-level responsibilities that familiarize them with the procedures, industry standards, and growing platforms of the publishing industry. 

The Acquisitions department is the first stop for authors and for titles that will become books at NUP. Books come to the acquisition editors through both unsolicited and solicited channels, and this department oversees the manuscript’s review, revision, and eventual acceptance or rejection. Acquisitions also contracts the book project and verifies that all permissions have been obtained.  The Sales and Marketing department helps to bring the book into the world once it has been created. Their responsibilities include sending the books out for review in major publications, attending and displaying our books at various conferences and events, and monitoring frontlist and backlist sales and pricing. They also handle all subsidiary and foreign rights requests for our titles, as well as desk and examination copy requests, and make the final decisions on reprinting best-selling backlist titles. 

For this internship track, you will: 


  • Learn the conventions of scholarly writing and citation
  • Assist in the submission workflows, including preparing manuscript transmittal to editorial and securing necessary permissions for copyrighted material
  • Read and understand the parts of a standard publishing contract and how they differ for trade vs. scholarly books
  • Learn our role in the peer review process and the conventions of trade vs. scholarly peer reviews, including conflicts of interest 
  • Become familiar with the areas that we publish in, and research what other presses are publishing 

Sales and Marketing

  • Learn how a marketing plan is developed and how this differs for a trade vs. a scholarly book  
  • Become familiar with our major electronic databases and how they work together to export metadata out into the world, once a book is released 
  • Learn how to read and check contracts for subsidiary rights 
  • Research media outlets and award contests for possible submissions  
  • Learn the basics of Adobe Creative Suite, our preferred publishing platform, and assist with the creation of promotional materials  

In the Editorial, Design, and Production department, project editors spend the greatest amount of time working on the interior of a book in process. They oversee the electronic coding, copyediting, typesetting, design, and proofreading of a title. At each step, interns can help to move books along to the next stage in the manuscript editorial process. Interns are asked to read several sections of The Chicago Manual of Style to help hone their editorial vocabulary and skill set. The production and design staff complete the interior editing by producing a beautiful cover and preparing all the materials for printing offsite. They also manage the schedule of our titles across multiple seasons to ensure that we are meeting deadlines for publication. 

For this internship track, you will: 

Manuscript Editorial

  • Learn the elements and conventions of a monograph vs. other types of trade texts
  • Understand the checks and balances between editorial work done in house and out of house, and the role of freelancers
  • Prepare a file for copyediting and typesetting  
  • Review transmittal materials and author correspondence on a given project
  • Proofread, fact check, and check revisions against proof pages

Production and Design

  • Scan covers of backlist titles and prepare for upload to the web
  • Become familiar with typography and letterforms 
  • Learn the different interior book design templates, paper stocks, and exterior binding materials that we use during the production process 
  • Create a cast-off of a manuscript
  • Learn the process of in-house typesetting, front-end XML workflow, e-book making and CSS 
  • Exposure to cover design, from concept to print file 
  • Search for and acquire images to use for cover design; understand rights, licensing and fees associated with image use