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Dead Weight: A Memoir in Essays
Randall Horton | 9780810144644

Dead Weight chronicles the experiences of a drug smuggler who, after being sentenced to eight years in state prison, earned a PhD in creative writing and became the only tenured professor in the United States with seven felony convictions.

Binga: The Rise and Fall of Chicago’s First Black Banker
Don Hayner | 9780810140912

Penned by a former editor in chief of the Chicago Sun-TimesBinga is the definitive biography of the first black banker in Chicago as well as a history of race, politics, and finance in early twentieth-century Chicago.

A Death in Harlem: A Novel
Karla FC Holloway | 9780810140820

Death in Harlem is the first mystery novel by famed scholar Karla Holloway (Passed On). In it, she introduces Harlem’s first black policeman, Weldon Haynie Thomas, who investigates a murder. Readers will recognize the setting and some characters from Nella Larsen’s best-selling 1929 novel Passing.

Once I Was Cool: Personal Essays
Megan Stielstra | 9780810143937

Once I Was Cool contrasts past aspirations with the mess and magic of the present. Maturity is demanding, but its rewards are a gift.

Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Poems
Brionne Janae | 9780810145184

The poems in Blessed Are the Peacemakers ask what it means to make peace and examine the lengths and limitations of grace.

The Tunnel under the Lake: The Engineering Marvel That Saved Chicago
Benjamin Sells | 9780810134751

The Tunnel under the Lake tells the story of the one of the great engineering feats of the nineteenth century. A two-mile tunnel dug and bricked by hand thirty-five feet below the floor of Lake Michigan, the Chicago lake tunnel was designed to bring fresh drinking water to a city in dire need. At the time of its opening in March 1867, it was hailed as the “wonder of America and of the world.”

Art Is Everything: A Novel
Yxta Maya Murray | 9780810142930

Written as a series of rogue web posts, Instagram essays, rejected Yelp reviews, and SmugMug streams-of-consciousness that merge confession with art criticism, Art Is Everything is the story of an artist whose world implodes—just as she has a breakthrough.

The Beast, and Other Tales
Jóusè d’Arbaud | 9780810143135

The Beast includes Jóusè d’Arbaud’s 1926 masterpiece “The Beast of Vacarés”—a haunting parable about a solitary bull-herder who stumbles upon a starving creature who is half-man, half-goat—and three other tales from the Camargue delta region in southern France.

Farewell, Mama Odessa: A Novel
Emil Draitser | 9780810141094

A highly praised new tragicomic novel by prolific writer Emil Draitser, Farewell, Mama Odessa follows the voyage of Soviet Jewish refugees who leave Odessa, Ukraine, to settle in the US.

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