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ISBN 978-0-8101-5059-1
Publication Date
November 1996
Page Count
277 pages
Trim Size
5 x 8


Meredith Steinbach

Meredith Steinbach's moving first novel tells the story of a strong yet vulnerable woman's attempts to reconcile her varying roles as daughter, wife, and doctor.

About the Author
"Rich, horrific, beautiful, Zara is about the life of a woman extraordinary in every way, and is written in prose as strong and fabulous as Zara herself. I could not admire more this profound and exhilarating novel."
--John Hawkes
"The completely written quality of Zara marks an author page by page discovering the giddy limits of her talent. . . . I doubt a finer first novel will be published this year."
--Chicago Tribune
"Steinbach probes vulnerability, futility in a style interlaced with quality and power."
--Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Zara is a beautifully realized character whose story is constantly engaging and moving. Ms. Steinbach is gifted and nervy and her book is very accomplished." --Hilma Wolitzer, author of Hearts and Introducing Shirley Braverman

"A masterpiece." --Boston Magazine