Yivo Annual 21

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ISBN 978-0-8101-0929-2
Publication Date
September 1993
Page Count
350 pages
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Yivo Annual 21

Going Home
Deborah Dash Moore

The YIVO Annual of Jewish Social Sciences is an innovative forum for the discussion of topics in the Jewish social sciences. Volume 21 explores modern Jewry's relationship with Jewish "homelands" in Europe, North Africa, Israel, and New York City. This interdisciplinary volume examines the construction of various Jewish "Old Worlds" through both real and vicarious travel.

About the Author
"YIVO is today the main center, outside of Israel, for Yiddish studies, and it has a long, honorable record of scholarly research outside the boundaries of traditional academia. Today its people are much more closely connected with American academic institutions than its founders were. . . . [A] fine scholarly enterprise." --Irving Howe