Yeats's Shakespeare

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ISBN 978-0-8101-3828-5
Publication Date
October 2018
Page Count
304 pages
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Yeats's Shakespeare

Rupin W. Desai

In Yeats's Shakespeare, the first full-length study of Yeats’s interest in Shakespeare, Rupin W. Desai explores how Shakespearean works influenced Yeats’s poetry and mythological drama. Exploring Shakespeare’s sonnets and Yeats’s poetry, Desai illustrates the deep degree to which Yeats identifies with Shakespeare, even to the extent of including some of Shakespeare’s heroes in his own late poetry. Yeats’s Shakespeare also includes an appendix that lists in detail all of Yeats’s references to Shakespeare’s works.
About the Author

RUPIN W. DESAI earned his PhD in English literature at Northwestern University, on a Fulbright scholarship. He returned to India where he became a professor of English at Delhi University and the founding editor of the journal Hamlet Studies.