Winter Dialogue

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Publication Date
March 1999
Page Count
148 pages
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Winter Dialogue

Tomas Venclova

Best known in the U.S. as a scholar and critic, Tomas Venclova is a gifted poet whose work has remained largely unknown to an English-speaking audience. This collection of fifty-one poems is as distinctive as it is finely crafted. Also included is a foreword by Joseph Brodsky and an exchange between Venclova and Czeslaw Milosz.

About the Author

Tomas Venclova (born September 11, 1937, KlaipÄ—da) is a Lithuanian scholar, poet, author and translator of literature. Tomas Venclova is son of poet and Soviet politician Antanas Venclova. He was educated at Vilnius University. As an active participant in the dissident movement he was deprived of Soviet citizenship in 1977 and had to emigrate. He is one of the founders of Lithuanian Helsinki Watch group (December 1, 1976). Venclova studied at Tartu University and was strongly influenced by the brand of structuralism prevalent there in the 1970s and 1980s.
"Winter Dialogue is a single-minded meditation--a Yeatsian conversation between self and soul--on the largest themes. For to answer the question 'What happened to home?' is--or, better, would be--to answer a great many core existential queries." --Sven Birkerts, Harvard Review
"Though he is every bit as devoted to classical form as Milosz, his poems have the flinty, frigid feel of a bleak Baltic winter; they evoke both the chill of the northern latitudes and the extreme effort needed to survive at low temperatures." --New York Review of Books