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ISBN 978-0-8101-1810-2
Publication Date
October 2000
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109 pages
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Veno Taufer

Waterlings are the mysterious beings at the center of Veno Taufer's collection of poems. Employing his trademark concise language with hypercondensed imagery and rhythmic drive, Taufer presents a world that at once invokes shamanistic rituals and children's games and riddles. Lyric poetry has long been the most celebrated branch of literature in Slovenia, and Taufer is considered one of the strongest poets of his generation.

About the Author

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Veno Taufer (born 19 February 1933) is a Slovenian poet, essayist, translator and playwright. Together with Dane Zajc and Gregor Strniša, he is considered one of the foremost Slovenian modernist poets of the postwar era. Under the Communist regime, he was a driving force behind alternative cultural and intellectual projects in Socialist Slovenia, which challenged the cultural policies of the Titoist system. During the Slovenian Spring (1988–1990), he actively participated in the efforts for the democratization and independence of Slovenia.

"Taufer is a poet of European stature and his work deserves to be read in this country." --Charles Simic