War with the Newts

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ISBN 978-0-8101-1468-5
Publication Date
October 1996
Page Count
348 pages
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5 1/8 x 7 3/4

War with the Newts

Karel Capek

Working in the fantastic satiric tradition of Wells, Orwell, and Vonnegut, Karel Capek chronicles the discovery of a colony of highly intelligent giant salamanders on an Indonesian island. Capek sardonically portrays the reactions of the civilized world-from horror to skepticism, from intellectual fascination to mercantile opportunism-and the ultimate destruction from which it (and the newts) might not escape.

About the Author

Karel Capek is one of the great Czechoslovak writers of the twentieth century.
"One of the features of a classic is that while remaining at one with its times, it reaches out beyond them. War with the Newts fully qualifies as a classic in this sense." --Michael Henry Heim, Los Angeles Times
"Capek's work has lost nothing of its freshness and luster. . . . He is as great a delight to read today as he ever was." --New York Times Book Review
"Brilliant." --T.J. Jackson Lears, Lingua Franca