Voices in a Mask

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ISBN 978-0-8101-5209-0
Publication Date
September 2008
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244 pages
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Voices in a Mask

Geoffrey Green

Based on images of disguise in literature, theater, and opera, this short-story cycle explores themes of identity and subterfuge in a fictional fugue that ranges from comic to poignant. Into the librettos
of Don Giovanni, Tosca, Rigoletto, and other operas, Green weaves the authentic biographies of their singers and composers, modern-day settings, and his own imaginative twists. Throughout Voices in a Mask, characters obscure and reveal themselves as art mimics life and life, art. Ultimately the very acts of masking and projecting reveal a truth about the power of art and its inherent deceptions.
About the Author

Geoffrey Green is a professor of English at San Francisco State University as well as the executive editor of Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction. His articles have been published in Fiction International and the Review of Contemporary Fiction, among other journals. The author of Freud and Nabokov and a coeditor of Novel vs. Fiction and The Vineland Papers: Critical Takes on Pynchon’s Novel, Green lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"This is a wonderful book... The combination of artistic skill and critical acumen involved is astonishing, and the historical research involved is seriously done and superbly deployed in a creative manner." --Robert Scholes, Brown University

"Geoffrey Green's Voices in a Mask is an operatic tour de force of a 'novel' involving (among other things) grand opera--a subject on which the author is impressively and entertainingly knowledgeable."--John Barth