A Voice

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Publication Date
August 2004
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104 pages
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A Voice

Selected Poems
Anzhelina Polonskaya
Shortlisted for the 2005 Corneliu M Popescu Prize for European Poetry Translation

Anzhelina Polonskaya is considered one of the freshest voices among young Russian poets. Unlike most of her contemporaries, she was not educated in the classic literary tradition, nor nurtured by the well-known Moscow and Petersburg journals. This has freed her from self-consciously struggling under the weight of her country's literary tradition, and her independent, even idiosyncratic, voice informs poems filled with sharp images, acute observations, and both the pains and joys of personal experience.

Drawn from her most recent Russian collections, A Voice: Selected Poems explores the poet's ongoing fascinations-desolate places, long journeys, a synesthesia of sensory stimulation, and the presence of death. Also on display is her Chekhovian gift for unexpected closure. This is a promising English-language debut from a poet already gaining international attention.

About the Author
Anzhelina Polonskaya was born in 1969 in Malakhovka, a town thirty miles outside Moscow. Formerly an ice dancer in a traveling Russian troupe, she is the author of four collections in Russian: A Voice (2002), The Sky Through a Private's Eye (1999), Poems (1998), and My Heavenly Torch (1993). She currently lives in Malakhovka, Russia.