Violence and Grace

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Publication Date
January 2018
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Violence and Grace

Exceptional Life between Shakespeare and Modernity
Nichole E. Miller

In Violence and Grace, Nichole Miller establishes a conceptual link between early modern English drama and twentieth-century political theology, both of which emerge from the experience of political crisis. Miller’s analyses accordingly undertake to retrieve for political theology the relations between gender, sexuality, and the political aesthetics of violence on the early modern stage, addressing the plays of Marlowe, Middleton, and especially Shakespeare. In doing so, she expands our understanding of drama’s continuing theoretical impact.
About the Author

Nichole E. Miller is an assistant professor of English at Temple University.

"While Miller constantly engages major ideas and texts, she shows perhaps her greatest talent as a close reader, not only of the early modern texts but of their sources and the more contemporary theory she uses to illuminate them . . .The result is a closely reasoned and closely argued contribution to today’s early modern studies that also understands its roots in a precarious present." --Modern Philology

"Miller's central insight in Violence and Grace is significant and compelling. Her interpretive juxtaposition of English Renaissance drama and modern political theory succeeds in laying bare the historically gendered inflection of key concepts in the discourse of political theology... Violence and Grace represents an important contribution to the literary study of political theology." --Sixteenth Century Journal