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ISBN 978-0-8101-6040-8
Publication Date
October 1997
Page Count
175 pages
Trim Size
5 3/4 x 8 3/4


The Adventure of Catherine Crachat: II
Pierre Jean Jouve

Vagadu continues the saga of Catherine Crachet begun in Hecate. Having returned to Paris after a sojourn in Vienna, Catherine seeks new relationships-both carnal and emotional--that will give her life meaning. Instead she finds that no one is who he or she appears to be. Events both real and imagined spiral out of Catherine's control, and she must reconcile herself to a past in which love and death, debasement and the search for divinity, merge and divide in haunting, kaleidoscopic ways.

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About the Author

 PIERRE JEAN JOUVE (1887-1976) was a French writer, novelist, and poet. 
"Jouve [is] a master of erotic writing." --Louis Begley, New York Times Book Review
"Tumid, atmospheric, frankly psychological, the novels breathe with ardor." --Chicago Tribune