Twiddledum Twaddledum

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ISBN 978-0-914590-04-0
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Publication Date
January 1974
Page Count
198 pages
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5 1/4 x 8 1/2

Twiddledum Twaddledum

Peter Spielberg

A half-serious, half-joking take-off on the traditional development novel, Twiddledum Twaddledum presents the fortunes and misfortunes, the adventures and misadventures of a young man in search of himself in an absurd world where opposites are identical twins but never reconciled. This satiric novel mirrors a schizoid world in which dangers are part actual and part imaginary; where punishment is sought yet fled from; where guilt is accepted at the same time that it is denied; where fiction and reality are interchangeable.

"A brilliant, marvelous novel. Mystifying and haunting, the book, like all great art, creates a world." --The Nation

"[A] collection of related stories . . . notable for their spare, stripped style, and pungent understatement . . . raw, inventive stuff." --Library Journal

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