True Stories

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January 2008
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True Stories

A Century of Literary Journalism

Journalism in the twentieth century was marked by the rise of literary journalism. Sims traces more than a century of its history, examining the cultural connections, competing journalistic schools of thought, and innovative writers that have given literary journalism its power. Seminal exmples of the genre provide ample context and background for the study of this style of journalism.
About the Author

Norman Sims is a professor of Journalism at the University of Massachusetts, the editor of The Literary Journalists  and Literary Journalism in the Twentieth Century, and the co-editor with Mark Kramer of Literary Journalism. Sims lives in Deerfield, Massechusetts.


Ted Conover is a Distinguished Writer in Residence at New York University. He lives in the Bronx.


"Literary journalism at its best asks the questions that literature asks."  --Ron Rosenbaum