Trouble Lights

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Publication Date
January 2002
Page Count
89 pages
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6 x 9

Trouble Lights

William Olsen

Traveling from the rural Midwest and Chicago to the outposts of Cornwall and Guangzhou, William Olsen searches for the miracle of wholeness in small details. An urgency inhabits his poems as they lament and protest a pandemic disrespect for all things natural and the replacement of such with material progress. It is his distinct awe for our universe that offers hope for retrieving all that is being lost.

About the Author
William Olsen is a professor of English at Western Michigan University. He has received fellowships from the NEA and Bread Loaf and has won numerous awards for his poetry, including a Pushcart Prize and two Academy of American Poets awards. His two previous poetry collections are Vision of a Storm Cloud and The Hand of God and a Few Bright Flowers
"William Olsen's Trouble Lights is the kind of book you'll willingly let break your heart because Olsen makes our mortality at once terrible and irresistible. . . . [W]e remember what we come to poetry for . . . the thrill of the alive with all its risks and mercies."
--Beckian Fritz Goldberg, author of Never Be the Horse
"Olsen reminds us that poetry is a difficult and essential art, not a parlor game, not an effete posture. We are fortunate that poems such as his exist."
--David Wojahn, author of Strange Good Fortune
"With line upon brilliant line of Trouble Lights, William Olsen makes hard edges shine. In this breathtaking book, he marshals his considerable personal and intellectual powers against and in defense of a world where 'every creature is paid for and every creature is free.'"
--Alane Rollings, author of The Logic of Opposites

"Ravishingly visual and evocatively metaphysical, Olsen's poems illuminate unity in the universe, wildness in the heart." --Booklist