Trap with a Green Fence

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Publication Date
June 1995
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196 pages
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Trap with a Green Fence

Survival in Treblinka
Richard Glazar

Trap with a Green Fence is Richard Glazar's memoir of deportation, escape, and survival. In economical prose, Glazar weaves a description of Treblinka and its operations into his evocation of himself and his fellow prisoners as denizens of an underworld. Glazar gives us compelling images of these horrors in a tone that remains thoughtful but sober, affecting but simple.

About the Author

Richard Glazar (November 29, 1920 – December 20, 1997, born Richard Goldschmid) was a Czech Jew who lived through World War II, one of only a few survivors of the Treblinka death camp. He portrayed the horror of Treblinka to the world in his book Trap with a Green Fence.


"Mr. Glazer waited one generation to give us a crystal clear account of the Treblinka Nazi hell. The message he conveys to us in his very personal way is: the most horrible thing about this Jewish catastrophe is not remembering it, but that it happened." --Arnost Lustig