The Town of N

The Town of N

Leonid Dobychin

Leonid Dobychin's The Town of N, an unrecognized masterpiece of the Soviet 1930s, virtually vanished, together with its author, following its publication in 1935 and the subsequent vilification of Dobychin by Leningrad's cultural authorities. It portrays a fallen provincial world reminiscent of the town of N found in Gogol's Dead Souls, a place populated with characters who are petty, grasping, perfidious, and cruel, quite unlike the positive heroes of socialist realist novels.

About the Author

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Leonid Ivanovich Dobychin (June 17 [O.S. June 5] 1894 — March 28, 1936) was a Russian writer.

"The Town of N is indeed a literary and cultural find." --World Literature Today
"A revelation: one of the subtlest and most accomplished of all modern Russian novels." --Kirkus Reviews
"Lovers of Russian literature owe a debt of gratitude to Borden for bringing this important work to the attention of English readers." --Publishers Weekly