The Thought of John Sallis

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Publication Date
August 2012
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The Thought of John Sallis

Phenomenology, Plato, Imagination
Bernard Freydberg

John Sallis is one of America’s preeminent and most original contemporary philosophers. The absence, until now, of a com-prehensive work on Sallis has constituted a glaring oversight in philosophical scholarship. The Thought of John Sallis is both an introduction for students new to his work and a valuable resource for scholars needing a systematic consideration of Sallis’s wide-ranging thought.

Sallis’s work possesses an intrinsic power and originality, as well as deep interpretive insight. This book is a descriptive and critical journey through his thought, providing an overview for readers who wish to gain a sense of its sweep, along with discrete sections on particular philosophical disciplines for readers whose interests are more specific. It grapples with the challenges Sallis’s thought presents, making them explicit and opening them up to further consideration. And it attempts to locate his thought within both contemporary continental philosophy and philosophy as a whole. Essential for any student of continental philosophy, The Thought of John Sallis expounds on his work in a manner that increases access, honors its depth, and opens up unexplored possibilities for phil-osophy.

About the Author

Bernard Freydberg is a professor emeritus at Slippery Rock University and a scholar in residence in the philosophy department at Duquesne University. He is the author of many books, including, most recently, Schelling’s Dialogical “Freedom Essay”: Provocative Philosophy Then and Now (2008).