The Thinking of the Master

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December 2002
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The Thinking of the Master

Bataille between Hegel and Surrealism
Peter Burger

Mastery of many sorts emerges in new configurations in Peter Bürger's The Thinking of the Master: as an idea developed by Hegel in the master/slave dialectic in his Phenomenology of Spirit; as a quality embodied in the work of certain twentieth-century maître-penseurs, or "master thinkers"; and, not least, in the expertise of Bürger himself as he negotiates and clarified a critical intersection of contemporary French and German thought. The author of the classic Theory of the Avant-Garde, Bürger here considers what several seminal thinkers--among them Bataille, Barthes, Foucault, and Derrida--owe to Hegel's dialectic and measures their accomplishments against the avant-garde project. Succinct, witty, and instructive, each of his essays stands alone as a valuable exposition of a significant strain of postmodern thought.

About the Author
Peter Burger is the author of Theory of the Avant-Garde