Take It or Leave It

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ISBN 978-0-914590-23-1
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Publication Date
January 1976
Page Count
450 pages
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5 1/2 x 8 1/2

Take It or Leave It

A Novel
Raymond Federman

As told, or retold second-hand, by the narrator (who is standing on a platform addressing a group of listeners), Take It or Leave It relates the hilarious and amorous adventures of a young Frenchman who has been drafted into the U.S. Army and is being shipped out to fight in Korea. While the story is being told, the narrator involves his listeners in digressive arguments about politics, sex, American, literature, laughter, death, and the telling of the story itself. Take It or Leave It makes a shamble of traditional fiction and conventional modes of writing, and does so with effrontery and laughter.

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