The Sublime South

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Publication Date
July 2018
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The Sublime South

Andalusia, Orientalism, and the Making of Modern Spain
Jose Luis Venegas

The Sublime South: Andalusia, Orientalism, and the Making of Modern Spain is the first systematic study on cultural images of Andalusia as Spain’s “Orient” and the impact they have had on nation-building and modernization since the late nineteenth century. While a wealth of studies have examined how northern Europeans from the Romantic period viewed Spain and Andalusia as Europe’s Orient, little attention has been paid to how contemporary Spanish artists and intellectuals assimilated Romantic legacies to engage in an internal form of orientalism.

José Luis Venegas deftly explores Spain’s shifting engagements with oriental identity and otherness by looking, not just beyond national, ethnic, and racial borders, but at a territory that is institutionally embedded in the nation-state while symbolically placed between inclusion and abjection. The Sublime South shifts the focus and scale of Edward Said’s notion of orientalism by examining how it evolves and manifests transnationally, as the result of European colonialism in Africa and Asia, and intra-nationally, in a European yet orientalized country. Finally, Venegas challenges ethnocentric notions of Iberian cultures and fosters an understanding of the encounters between Western and Muslim cultures beyond opposing, and often mutually negating, essentialisms.
About the Author

JOSÉ LUIS VENEGAS is an associate professor of Spanish and interdisciplinary humanities at Wake Forest University. He is the author of Transatlantic Correspondence: Modernity, Epistolarity, and Literature in Spain and Spanish America, 1898–1992 and Decolonizing Modernism: James Joyce and the Development of Spanish American Fiction

"This is a highly original, refreshing, and timely book. Hispanists, scholars of European culture and politics, and scholars of critical theory will be drawn to Venegas’s renovation of the concept of the sublime. The current global climate only adds to the urgency of this book’s topic." —Gayle Rogers, author of Incomparable Empires: Modernism and the Translation of Spanish and American Literature

"José Luis Venegas ha realizado un estudio minucioso de gran valor teórico en el que conceptos como el exotismo romántico, lo sublime y el orientalismo son presentados con rigor bibliográfico y analizados bajo un prisma innovador y de suma actualidad. Se trata de un volumen indispensable tanto para estudiosos de la historia cultural española, del euro-centrismo colonialista, así como para los interesados en el análisis de la construcción de la identidad nacional." —M. Pilar Asensio-Manrique, Hispania