The Structures of the Life World

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Publication Date
October 1989
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339 pages
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The Structures of the Life World

Alfred Schutz and Thomas Luckmann

The Structures of the Life-World is the final focus of twenty-seven years of Alfred Schutz's labor, encompassing the fruits of his work between 1932 and his death in 1959. This book represents Schutz's seminal attempt to achieve a comprehensive grasp of the nature of social reality. Here he integrates his theory of relevance with his analysis of social structures. Thomas Luckmann, a former student of Schutz's, completed the manuscript for publication after Schutz's untimely death.

About the Author
"A remarkable attempt to implement Husserl's program." --Choice
"An immense service to scholars of Schutz as well as to those who desire a thorough introduction to Schutz's thought." --Review of Metaphysics