The Stranger Next Door

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ISBN 978-0-8101-2630-5
Publication Date
August 2013
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284 pages
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The Stranger Next Door

An Anthology from the Other Europe

The Balkans have been so troubled by violence and mis­understanding that we have the verb “balkanize,” mean­ing to break up into smaller, warring components. While some of the region’s artists and thinkers have invari­ably fallen into nationalistic tendencies, the twenty-two prominent authors represented here, from the erstwhile Yugoslavia and its neighbors Albania and Bulgaria, have chosen to attempt to bridge these divides. The essays, biographical sketches, and stories in The Stranger Next Door form a project of understanding that picks up where politics fail. The English-language translation joins edi­tions of the book that appeared concurrently in all of the participating countries.

About the Author

Richard Swartz was for decades a correspondent in southeastern Eu­rope for the Stockholm daily Svenska Dagbladet. He is the author of numerous books, including the novel A House in Istria (published in English by New Directions in 2007), Room Service: Reports from Eastern Europe (New Press, 1998), and Address­buch (Hanser, 2005).