A Story about Mr. Silberstein

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Publication Date
September 2001
Page Count
139 pages
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A Story about Mr. Silberstein

Erland Josephson, translated from the Swedish by Roger Greenwald

Erland Josephson is a prolific Swedish novelist best known as an actor celebrated for his work in Ingmar Bergman's films. A Story about Mr. Silberstein, Josephson's first book to appear in English, shows him to be a master of narrative form and style: inventive, witty, and darkly humorous.
About the Author
Erland Josephson is widely acclaimed for his work as a stage and screen actor. He has had major roles in films by Ingmar Bergman (including the recent film Faithless) and has served as the director of the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm. Josephson has also distinguished himself as an author, having written numerous books, including eight novels and four highly praised memoirs.
"In Roger Greenwald's accomplished translation, [A Story about Mr. Silberstein] emerges as an unsettling portrait of anti-Semitism in postwar Sweden."
--New York Times Book Review

"I am deeply moved by A Story about Mr. Silberstein. This book is of the utmost importance: it reminds us who we are and why we are. You will not forget it."
—Liv Ullmann

"Spellbinding. A novel of chilling profundity. A work of genius. A classic."
—Leon Rooke, author of Who Goes There