The Stepson

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ISBN 978-1-568970-04-2
Publication Date
April 1994
Page Count
314 pages
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The Stepson

Emmanuel Bove
The Stepson is the tale of a young man's infatuation with his stepmother, a well-placed bourgeoise with painterly ambitions; of that young man's replication of his father's life (low-class affair, illegitimate son, marriage); and of his own successive marriages and affairs, none of which work. At a much deeper level, it is a study of what Russians call oblomovschina, the paralysis of the will. The Stepson is a nullity with ambitions as long as he needn't do anything to advance them. He doesn't act, he undergoes. It is the intricate, torturously rationalized play of his passivity before fate that makes this one of Bove's most fascinating novels, a sort of tragic bedroom farce.

About the Author

Emmanuel Bove (1898- 1945) was born in Paris.  With Colette's patronage, he became a popular writer, dividing his career between pulp fiction and the handful of serious novels upon which his reputation now rests.  His other works include A Winter's Journal, My Friends, A Man Who Knows, A Singular Man, and Quicksand, all published by the Marlboro Press/ Northwestern.