The Spirit Level

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Publication Date
October 1995
Page Count
81 pages
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The Spirit Level

David Barber

Winner of the Terrence Des Pres Prize for Poetry

The Spirit Level is the first collection by an exciting new voice in American poetry. Representing the world as a place of feverish energies, David Barber creates a virtuoso tension between playful, sometimes flamboyant, diction, and the seriousness of his concerns. Balance and grace, but also wit and verbal energy, and a deft hand at shaping the poem, make Barber's first book a superb debut.

About the Author
"The poems in David Barber's first book don't sound quite like anyone else's of his generation. . . . The buoyant intensity of his poetry owes something to Crane and Stevens, but Barber's way of making language itself a shape of strong feeling is his own." --W.S. Di Piero