Speech and Phenomena OP

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Publication Date
January 1979
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166 pages
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Speech and Phenomena OP

and Other Essays on Husserl's Theory of Signs
Jacques Derrida

In Speech and Phenomena, Jacques Derrida situates the philosophy of language in relation to logic and rhetoric, which have often been seen as irreconcilable criteria for the use and interpretations of signs. His critique of Husserl attacks the position that language is founded on logic rather than on rhetoric; instead, he claims, meaningful language is limited to expression because expression alone conveys sense. Derrida's larger project is to confront phenomenology with the tradition it has so often renounced--the tradition of Western metaphysics.

"Derrida's critique of Husserl is a first-class piece of analytical work in the philosophy of language." --Newton Garver, from the preface

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