The Soul of a Patriot

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Publication Date
October 1994
Page Count
194 pages
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4 3/4 x 8

The Soul of a Patriot

Evgeny Popov

One of the liveliest novels to come out of Russia in recent years, The Soul of a Patriot is a rambunctious portrait of the lives of ordinary Russians from the Revolution to the death of Leonid Brezhnev. Popov pokes fun at every aspect of Russian culture and tradition, bringing into his comedy historical figures, composites of real people, and wildly absurd characters.

About the Author
"A satirical masterpiece."
--Berliner Zeitung
"Succeeds brilliantly in expressing the patriot's passion." --Guardian
"In contrast to the doom and gloom that overburdens much Russian fiction produced by the so-called 'lost generation,' The Soul of a Patriot reverberates with laughter." --Independent

"The rapid-fire satire and scorn of this, [Popov's] first novel to be translated into English, must have been sheer caustic to the stodgy Brezhnev regime." --Observer

"A brisk and often gritty work . . . Popov offers a wry and often amusing look at a moment in history . . ."--World Literature Today