Sonnets of Love and Death

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ISBN 978-0-8101-1840-9
Publication Date
August 2001
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83 pages
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Sonnets of Love and Death

Jean De Sponde

This bilingual edition introduces readers to the sixteenth century poet Jeande Sponde, considered one of the most important poets of the Renaissance period and a precursor to Donne, in his poetry Sponde reflects the tensions--both stylistic and philosophical-of his time. This collection of sonnets, abounding in metaphor, paradox, antithesis, and hyperbole, is a restless personal exploration of the body and the spirit, of the concrete and the abstract, of passion and anguish.

About the Author

Jean de Sponde born in 1557, was a French poet, translator, humanist, jurist, and Hellenist. His translations of Homer, Homeri Poemarum Versio Latina, were used by Chapman and he also published a scholarly edition of La Logique d'Aristotle. De Sponde became a Catholic late in life after leading quite a reckless life at the court of Henry IV. He died destitute in Bordeaux, France in 1595.