Solidarity and Treason

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Publication Date
June 1995
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Solidarity and Treason

Resistance and Exile, 1933-40
Lisa Fittko

Lisa Fittko's gripping memoir of the antifascist resistance in Germany opens with Hitler's ascension to power in January 1933, and continues through her flight to Czechoslovakia and, later, across Europe. She and her husband, everywhere considered undesirable aliens, and at the mercy of unsympathetic authorities for food, shelter, and work, continue their selfless efforts against fascism.

About the Author

Lisa Fittko (born Elizabeth Eckstein, Hungarian: Eckstein (Ekstein) Erzs├ębet; Uzhgorod 1909 - Chicago 2005) was a young woman who lived through the Nazi occupation of Europe. Lisa Fittko's life was formed in her work in the underground resistance of Nazi-occupied Europe. She came to international recognition over forty years later through her two widely-translated memoirs, in which she describes her actions (considered inspirational by many who read about them) in the voice of a fearless young woman, a bohemian, an activist. It is, however, a voice altogether lacking in self-glorification or self-pitying victimization. Her bravery in leading refugees, including many famous intellectuals and members of the anti-Hitler resistance from Nazi-occupied France across the Pyrenees into Spain, brought her international fame.
"The Fittkos lived the Resistance, they carried on the Resistance on a personal scale that was often more spectacular and more heroic than what was happening on a grand scale. Lisa Fittko, who now lives in Chicago, tells her story calmly and without self-pity. That is what makes this book believable, and thus important." --Die Zeit