A Singular Man

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Publication Date
October 1995
Page Count
181 pages
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A Singular Man

Emmanuel Bove

In a state of permanent tension and relieved moral paralysis, Jean-Marie Thély, an anguished bystander confined to the margins of polite society, has based the whole of his existence upon the idea that he is unlike others. He derives his singularity from his origins as an illegitimate child; bounced from one condescendingly charitable household to another only to be rejected by the bourgeois families that raised him. Restricted to an ordinary education, barred from an officer's career, he is unable to do what he wants and eventually becomes trapped in a life of utter indecision.

About the Author
"Touching and elegant." --New York Times Book Review
"One of the best novelists to emerge in France during the interwar years. . . . a unique, powerful, and insightful stylist." --Review of Contemporary Fiction
"In Thély, Bove has created a character who strives to be one with the world, but finds it impossible to do, remaining forever in his own thoughts, but forever outside the rest of humanity; this can only be called the human condition." --Choice