Shooting the Works

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Publication Date
June 1996
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222 pages
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Shooting the Works

On Poetry and Pictures
W. Simone Di Piero

W. S. Di Piero is one of the most capable and wide-ranging poet-critics of his generation. His essays are contemplative, analytical, and interdisciplinary, critical yet arising out of his own artistic practice. Di Piero looks at interrelations between the arts, and at the ways in which the arts express aspects of contemporary culture as well as the individual temperaments and gifts of their makers. These essays are elegant and passionate tributes to the intersection of art and self.

About the Author

W. S. Di Piero is a professor of English and creative writing at Stanford University. His books include Out of Eden, Shooting the Works, and the poetry collections Brother Fire, Shadows Burning, and Skirts and Slacks. Bookforum, the New Yorker, the New York Times Book Review, and Poetry have all featured his work. A regular contributor to Threepenny Review, he also writes a regular column on the visual arts for the San Diego Reader. He lives in San Francisco, California.

"This astonishing book, by one of the best and most under-recognized writers of our time, is among the finest collections of essays I have read in many years." --Wendy Lesser