Shelley and Synesthesia

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Publication Date
October 2018
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208 pages
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Shelley and Synesthesia

Glenn O'Malley

Glenn O’Malley’s Shelley and Synesthesia examines a little-known aspect of Percy Shelley’s poetry, offering a history of synesthesia and engaging in close readings of Shelley’s poetry, focusing primarily on his longer works. O’Malley explores the internal structure of Shelley’s poems to concentrate on patterns of imagery and symbolism, bringing attention to Shelley’s resourcefulness and responsibility in his use of synesthesia and his development of it into a powerful creative tool. The work advances the conversation on literary synesthesia and brings fresh insights to Shelley’s poems and to poetic theory in Romanticism.
About the Author

GLENN O’MALLEY received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1956 and was a professor of English at Northwestern University.