The Shallow End of Sleep

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ISBN 978-1-882688-41-8
Publication Date
April 2011
Page Count
80 pages
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6 x 9

The Shallow End of Sleep


José Antonio Rodríguez’s poetry is one of memory, both private and public. It is grounded in storytelling and lyricism that reveal a speaker’s developing awareness as he traverses borders of nation, language, class, and sexuality. The poems move back and forth between a home left behind on the south side of the Rio Grande and a new home on the north side. Both awe-struck by and apprehensive of the world around him, the speaker searches for a way to claim a new space, a place of belonging. Through these poems, both lyrical and narrative, tender and tense, familiar and estranging, the poet invites us to examine the very concept of home—how we define it, what constitutes it, the ways it can be destabilized and how, in the most trying times, we must learn to sustain the hope of it in our hearts.
About the Author

José Antonio Rodríguez, a bilingual poet and translator, was born in México and raised in south Texas. He holds degrees in Biology, Theater Arts, and English from the University of Texas – Pan American; he’s currently a doctoral student in English and Creative Writing at Binghamton University. He has served as Editor of the national literary journal Harpur Palate. His work has appeared in Paterson Literary Review, Palabra, The New York Quarterly, cream city review, The Spoon River Poetry Review, Border Senses and elsewhere.