The Servant Leader

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Publication Date
November 2005
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160 pages
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The Servant Leader

Unleashing the Power of Your People
In The Servant Leader, Robert P. Neuschel makes the case that our leadership is experiencing a diminution in ethics and a loss of enduring values. These weakening factors are exacerbated by a preoccupation with the short term. As Neuschel puts it, "We are more concerned about achieving quick shareholder value than building an enduring organization that can increase its capacity to produce useful products or services more competitively and more effectively on an enduring basis." He lays the blame at the feet of our corporate leadership.

He asks: what steps might we take to revitalize the quality and strength of our leadership? He then forcefully and straightforwardly gives an outline of what he believes are the major changes in leadership we must bring about. As a professor of management and strategy, and earlier, as a director and senior partner at a major consulting firm, and as a captain in the U. S. Army, Neuschel observed the best of leadership, and practiced it. He shares his insights with us in The Servant Leader.

About the Author
Robert P. Neuschel was professor of corporate governance at the Kellogg School of Management, a director and senior partner at leading consulting firm McKinsey & Company, and a retired captain in the U.S. Army. He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and authored more than 125 articles on a wide range of management subjects. He died in 2004.
"I was fortunate to work with Bob Neuschel extensively early in my career. I commend the lessons of his book with the highest respect and enthusiasm." --Leo F. Mullen, former president and chief executive officer, Delta Air Lines, Inc.
"This book is a must read for leaders and teachers of leadership worldwide." --Donald P. Jacobs, Dean Emeritus, Kellogg School of Management