Secret Asian Man

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ISBN 978-1-882688-24-1
Publication Date
October 2001
Page Count
60 pages
Trim Size
6 x 9

Secret Asian Man

Nick Carbo

Secret Asian Man is a hilarious and poignant look at the immigrant experience. Ang Tunay na Lalaki (Tagalog for "The Real Man") is the Filipino Marlboro Man, a macho and bare-chested endorser of gin. But when he finds himself in New York City and auditioning as a bit actor, disillusionment quickly sets in: he realizes he, an Asian man, will never be a sex symbol in America. Fortunately for him, adventure ensues.

About the Author
"Carbó's book is a scintillating romp that is also, at the same time, literature for the ages. A difficult highwire act which Carbó handles with characteristic ease." --North American Review
"Watch out: Nick Carbó is at it again, turning the icons of American culture on their heads. Wickedly cynical and profoundly informed, these poems take the East-West dichotomy to previously unexplored territory." --Eric Gamalinda, author of Zero Gravity