Sculpted Stones

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ISBN 978-1-880684-14-6
Publication Date
July 1995
Page Count
107 pages
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Sculpted Stones

Victor Montejo

The poems in Montejo's SCULPTED STONES give lyric expression to the feelings of exile and to the (sometimes comic) difficulties of living in a foreign culture. Throughout this book, Montejo extols the values of the Maya culture and denounces the Guatemalan government's attempts to destroy the Indian society. At times with tenderness, at times with humor, at times with scathing irony, Montejo examines nature, politics, and recorded history to get at the truths of the present and the past.
About the Author

Victor Montejo is a poet, folklorist, and anthropologist. A Jakaltek Maya born in rural Guatemala, he was forced into exile in 1981 after appearing on a death squad list. He is the current Chair of Native American Studies at UC Davis. 

Victor Perera was a Guatemalan writer, translator, and journalist. He died in 2003. 


"...beautifully expressed, thought provoking literature." —World Literature Today

"Passing his perceptions-of Mayan myths, his personal history, a village dog-through the twin prism of his identity as both personal and political being, Montejo pens an often moving vision."—Publishers Weekly

"Montejo's use of imagery is masterful..."—Native Americas