Return of the River

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ISBN 978-1-880684-80-1
Publication Date
November 2001
Page Count
100 pages
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Return of the River

The Selected Poems of Roberto Sosa
Roberto Sosa

Return of the River presents a wide selection of Roberto Sosa's poetry in superb translations by JoAnne Engelbert. Covering politics, state oppression, poverty and privilege, Sosa writes in rich, clear language, transcending his personal experience and capturing the universal. 
About the Author

Roberto Sosa was an author and poet born in Yoro, Honduras. He published over a dozen books of poetry and prose, as well as two anthologies of Honduran literature. He also worked as a magazine editor, a journalist, and a professor until his death in 2011. 

JoAnne Engelbert is Professor Emeritus at Montclair State College and currently resides in St. Augustine, Florida.


"Sosa's never ornate or emotionally explosive; it is controlled, reflective, and measured. Nevertheless, it is intensely emotional and pregnant with feeling, a feeling that is seductive and operates in the manner of an undertow."—San Francisco Chronicle

"By their very nature, these verses outlast and transcend the political vicissitudes of both the poet and the state that engendered them. This is likely to be Sosa's definitive collection in English for some time to come." —Lawrence Olszewski, Library Journal

"The elegiac and erotic lyrics of Roberto Sosa present a voice as personal, as elegant and as timeless as those of the great poets of the T'ang dynasty or the Greek Anthology. Sosa joins passion and humility, ecstasy and grief, clarity and wisdom, to make poems as simple, lucid, and incandescent as anyone writing today." — Sam Hamill