The Return of Philip Latinowicz

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Publication Date
March 1995
Page Count
232 pages
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The Return of Philip Latinowicz

Miroslav Krleza

Philip Latinowicz is a successful but disillusioned painter who returns to his hometown after an absence of twenty-three years. He hopes that revisiting his roots will inspire him to create the perfect work of art and thereby restore his faith in both art and life. Haunted by his troubled childhood, however, he falls in with shady characters and discovers the emotional, intellectual, and imaginative poverty of his own background.

About the Author
"Paris had its Balzac and Zola; Dublin its Joyce; Croatia, its Krleza . . . one of the most accomplished, profound authors in European literature." --Saturday Review
"The Croatian Miroslav Krleza is among the most neglected of the world's writers." --Antioch Review