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Publication Date
October 2008
Page Count
88 pages
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Complex and focused, this collection of poems moves along the line between waking and sleeping to reveal a narrator who is contemplating her origins as well as her future. Pugh frequently turns in her work to the image of a bed--as a source of comfort, an erotic landing, and a place for dreaming. For Pugh, dreams both obscure and reveal, their language a code to be analyzed, as in her longer meditation inspired by Freud's case history "Dora." After dipping dangerously far into dreams, Pugh's poems return to a world of activity, full of physicality before becoming calm. At the end of the book, the self is restored and can see the world through a newly formed lens taken from its dreams.

About the Author

Christina Pugh’s previous collections of poetry are Restoration (Northwestern University Press, 2008) and Rotary (Word Press, 2004; winner of the Word Press First Book Prize).  Her recent honors include a 2015 Guggenheim fellowship in poetry and a Bogliasco Foundation fellowship in 2016.  She is Professor of English at the University of Illinois at Chicago and consulting editor for Poetry magazine.


"[A]n elegant, intimate, and melodious 'journey in a circle'... It combines a confessional poet's personality with a language poet's anxiety about the written word, a romantic's insistence on self with a postmodernist's sense of fracture, and an imagist's attention to detail with the metaphorist's imaginative freedom. In this way, Pugh addresses the aesthetic the concerns of her day while also surpassing them."--Jennifer Banks