Red Virgin Soil

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ISBN 978-0-8101-1741-9
Publication Date
January 2000
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481 pages
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Red Virgin Soil

Soviet Literature in the 1920's
Robert A. Maguire

First published in 1968, this classic is a richly detailed study of the eponymous journal that was the most significant Soviet literary journal of the 1920s. It is also a comprehensive survey of Soviet literary culture in a critical period when writers could still engage in public debate.

About the Author
"This is a splendid work and a major contribution to our field."
--Slavic Review
"An invaluable study."
--Russian Review
"[Maguire] is eloquent on the numerous literary theories of the age, as also on the interminable controversies between the competing literary groups, but does not lose sight of the nuts and bolts of the literary life." --Times Literary Supplement