Raised by Humans

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ISBN 978-1-882688-50-0
Publication Date
April 2015
Page Count
80 pages
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6 x 9

Raised by Humans


The poems in Raised by Humans are about surviving childhood and colonization. Childhood did not agree with Deborah Miran­da, mostly because the adult humans in charge of her life were not prepared to manage their own lives, let alone the life of a human-in-training. Humans raised Deborah, but it wasn’t a hu­mane childhood.

This poetry collection is also about how indigenous people survive civilization and become readers and writers of the same alphabet that colonized their culture. The complexity of being forced to find her way into relationship with the very people or cultures that have hurt/raised Miranda is a paradox at the heart of her poetry, which pushes language past what Miranda calls the “alphabet of walls.”

About the Author

DEBORAH A. MIRANDAis an enrolled member of the Ohlone-Costanoan Esselen Nation of the Greater Monterey Bay Area. She’s the author of the mixed-genre Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir (2013), two poetry collections, Indian Cartography (1999) and The Zen of La Llorona (2005) , and coeditor of Sovereign Erotics: An Anthology of Two Spirit Literature (2011). Deborah is cur­rently a professor of English at Washington and Lee University.


“Reading Miranda’s latest collection is life-changing—her stunning words reveal, testify, affirm, and heal. Raised by Humans is a powerful heart-map charting lies and betrayals, hope and love, highlighting survival trails that will lead us into truthful spaces where past and present collide to rewrite our future. This is required reading, these are necessary visions!” —Susan Power, author of Grass Dancer and Sacred Wilderness