The Question of God in Heidegger's Phenomenology

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Publication Date
June 1990
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The Question of God in Heidegger's Phenomenology

George Kovacs

Several philosophers have developed theological perspectives out of Heidegger's ontology. Yet the question of God in Heidegger's thought itself has never received full elucidation. In this revealing new study, George Kovacs poses the problem of analyzing the idea of God as a process of questioning and thus subjects Heidegger's phenomenological existentialism to a process of exposition Heidegger himself employed.

About the Author
"Its thoroughness, its meticulous interpretations of key texts, its breadth of treatment of the problem of God, and, finally, its openness to further development of the question distinguish Professor Kovacs' manuscript as a major achievement." --Thomas Sheehan, Loyola University