Pray for Yourself and Other Stories

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Publication Date
November 1993
Page Count
123 pages
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5 1/8 x 7 3/4

Pray for Yourself and Other Stories

Anne Calcagno

Anne Calcagno's exhilaratingly original first collection of short stories vividly captures the textures of women's lives. Her style is at once idiomatic and metaphorical; her dramatic situations are extreme, edgy, and utterly convincing. Calcagno's characters grapple with problems ranging from domestic violence to obsession with body weight, and speak with conviction and authority about the complex obstacles in their lives. She writes of the desperation of fragile families, of sibling rivalries, of husbands and wives hanging onto or running from each other.
About the Author
"Here are nine stories, poignant and almost shy. Anne Calcagno has written not of the sexual politics of strife, but of the deeper understanding of life's complicated mismatches and inevitable miscalculations. Calcagno has the clean voice and sharp unblinking eye of a true storyteller." --Larry Heinemann, National Book Award-winning author of Paco's Story
"Nine stories, each unforgettably clear, magnetic, and alive. Language as maddeningly fascinating as a fifty-car locomotive, perfectly carved, from a single piece of wood." --Lynda Barry, author of Cruddy
"These are chancy, exhilarating, and often disturbing stories. Calcagno's high-voltage images of ordinary life remind us that nothing is mundane, that our many small disturbances are darkly miraculous." --Rick DeMarinis, author of The Coming Triumph of the Free World