Power, Money, and Media

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Publication Date
November 2000
Page Count
378 pages
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Power, Money, and Media

Communication Patterns and Bureaucratic Control in Cultural China
Chin-Chuan Lee

This book addresses, as few books in English have, a broad range of topics pertaining to China's expanding media and telecommunications systems. American and Chinese experts in journalism, communication, government, and political science use fieldwork, including participant observations, surveys, and in-depth interviews conducted within media organizations, to provide richly detailed analyses of the issues and of the changing face of media in China.

About the Author
"Fascinating new data and expert commentary on China's giant mix of market and Marxist media. A must-read for students of world media."
--Jeremy Tunstall, The Anglo-American Media Connection
"Empirically founded and intellectually rigorous, Power, Money, and Media interrogates the complex patterns of conflict and accommodation at work in cultural China."
--Michael Curtain, Redeeming the Wasteland