Polinka Saks and The Story of Aleksei

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Publication Date
November 1992
Page Count
225 pages
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5 1/8 x 7 3/4

Polinka Saks and The Story of Aleksei

Aleksandr Druzhinin

This volume offers two of Druzhinin's essential works in their first English translations. Polinka Saks, his most essential short novel, is an epistolary tale of a romantic triangle involving an older man, his young wife, and a dashing young prince. The husband attempts to introduce his wife to literature, art, and music, but his efforts run counter to the dominant trend of society, which "forces women to become little children." The wife falls victim to the prince and realizes too late the value of the education provided by her husband.

A far different tale, The Story of Aleksei Dmitrich is a complex social and psychological study of poverty, family disharmony, precocious children, and destructive self-sacrifice.

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