The Philosopher's Toothache

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Publication Date
November 2021
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208 pages
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The Philosopher's Toothache

Embodied Stoicism in Early Modern English Drama
Donovan Sherman
About the Author

Donovan Sherman is an associate professor of English at Seton Hall University and the author of Second Death: Theatricalities of the Soul in Shakespeare’s Drama.

“. . . an ambitious and often ingenious bid to reopen the boundaries of a long-established field of study.” —Adam Rzepka, contributor to Knowing Shakespeare: Senses, Embodiment and Cognition

“In this striking and original study, Donovan Sherman deftly brings into focus the performative nature of Stoic practical ethics—most notably, its encouragement toward habitual, even if imperfect, practice and its more humane concessions to embodiment than caricatures of the Stoic sage normally allow—in order to persuasively rewrite the history of early modern theater’s engagement with Stoic philosophy.  Alert to the nuances of intellectual history as well as to the material conditions of performance, The Philosopher’s Toothache will prove indispensable for anyone interested in the intersections of classical philosophy and the Renaissance stage.” —Christopher Crosbie, author of Revenge Tragedy and Classical Philosophy on the Early Modern Stage