The Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience

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September 1989
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The Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience

Mikel Dufrenne

The Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience (Fr. Phénoménologie de l'expérience esthétique) was first published in 1953. In the first of four parts, Dufrenne distinguishes the "aesthetic object" from the "work of art." In the second, he elucidates types of works of art, especially music and painting. He devotes his third section to aesthetic perception. In the fourth, he describes a Kantian critique of aesthetic experience.

A perennial classic in the SPEP series, the work is rounded out by a detailed "Translator's Foreword" especially helpful to readers in aesthetics interested in the context and circumstances around which the original was published as well as the phenomenological background of the book.
About the Author

Mikel Dufrenne (February 9, 1910, Clermont, Oise – June 10, 1995, Paris) was a French philosopher and aesthetician. He is known as an author of existentialism, and is particularly noted for the work The Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience (1953, in French as Phénoménologie de l'expérience esthétique). He encountered the work of Karl Jaspers while a prisoner of war, in a camp with Paul Ricoeur.


"It is a tour de force by a man who is philosophically very close to Merleau-Ponty, and who has a deep appreciation for a wide spectrum of works of art." —The Review of Metaphysics

"Form, style, and terminology are remarkably consistent and clear throughout...Casey has provided an English version that is accessible and stylistically direct. The Phenomenology of Aesthetic Experience continues to be a major contribution to contemporary aesthetics, and we are fortunate to have an accurate and careful translation to revive its significance." —The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism