Paulina 1880

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October 1995
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Paulina 1880

Pierre Jean Jouve

Published in 1925, Jouve's first novel strikingly prefigures the French new wave in fiction. Paulina, said to be the most beautiful woman in Milan, enters a passionate affair with a married man. Her love is all-consuming, yet she is plagued by its impurity in the eyes of her family, of society, of God. The death of her father, and the subsequent death of her lover's wife, send Paulina into an abyss from which neither her love nor faith can rescue her.

About the Author
"Jouve escapes all easy categorization as a religious poet. He recognized in himself a residual puritanism, referred to by one of his critics as a Jansenist. Underpinning all his more specifically religious poetry is what has now long been known as 'negative theology,' and in all that he wrote, as in his character, asceticism is inseparable from sensuality." --David Gascoyne, Times Literary Supplement