Oyvind Fahlstrom

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August 2008
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Oyvind Fahlstrom

The Art of Writing
Sergio Bessa

Oyvind Fahlstrom (1928-76), the Brazilian-born Swedish poet-artist, is one of the mid-twentieth century's most intriguing cultural figures. His work, as profoundly political as it is aesthetic, spans two tumultuous decades in the avant-garde and comprises concrete poetry, manifestos, plays, performance, filmmaking, paintings, multiple prints, sculpture, and installations.
Oyvind Fahltstrom: The Art of Writing serves as both as an informative and entertaining introduction to the artist and as a valuable critical analysis of some of his most important works. Bessa focuses on how Fahlstrom's early experiments with concrete poetry influenced his later works in the visual arts and offers close readings of his seminal work Bord, his painting series Ade-Ledic-Nander, his interactive painting The Planetarium, and his radio play Birds in Sweden.
About the Author

Antonio Segio Bessa is the director of curatorial and education programs at the Bronx Musuem of the Arts. He is the coeditor, with Odile Cisneros, of Novas, a collection of writings by Haroldo de Campos also published by Northwestern University Press.